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Intelligent technologies are one of the leading companies to provide premium services for web, app development & Digital Marketing. We are your one-stop-shop for the Digital Transformation of your venture, with our 50+ talented team members, We assure you of our 100% dedication to your requirements while we sip tea, feast upon pizza, and dance our heart out 😊 you will be our Numero Uno 😊



Our expert designers and software architects will build the perfect extension for your business which will present you in your most authentic light and help you grab the attention of potential customers in no time.


Web Development

How close is virtual space and real space nowadays? Very close! We will take your business idea and make it into reality exactly how you envision it with our ample experience and knowledge in the field


Business marketing is a game changer nowadays, we do all types of marketing according to your business needs, our expert marketers will assemble precise marketing strategy that is suitable for your business.

Web Hosting

Smooth and efficient working of any website depends upon many factors such as domain, server, storage space, speed etc & we will provide you with excellent web hosting services during and after the project.




50+ talented team Members

Result driven approach

Consistent process

Full transparency

Budget friendly


Before every step of the project, we ensure that we are fully researched and prepared for the meticulous execution of our planning. We make it a point that we have 100% clarity over our clients’ requirements. Our expert research methods give us valuable insight into your business, your industry, and your customer base, which helps us create a website that suits your specific needs.

 Different fields require different approaches and different tools to make maximum impact. After our careful research and evaluation, we will present you with a feasible time frame and a framework where both of us will understand our approach to proceed. 

Once framework is in hand, we immediately start doing the designing part that is the base or framework of your design which includes how it looks, how it is presented to how it feels! While designing process we make sure that every website that we create is unique, distinct and innovative.

Consumers nowadays look for specific and authentic content on websites, be it informational or to make a purchase decision. Long and full of trivial information on the web pages are a quick way to ward off potential customers. We understand that more creative, interactive content is more turnabout business receives. 

Making framework, designing state of the art website and building the perfect front end, back-end won’t cut it if it cannot perform what it is supposed to perform or attract the potential consumers! Your website is your virtual place in the market; this is where consumers will see, interact, decide and purchase your product or service. If the execution part is not smooth, then your extension in the virtual world is not smooth. With our careful planning and understanding of the market, we will not only present you with a website that looks good but also a website that works well. We use different tools and strategies suitable to your business to optimize the performance of your website

Providing our clients with a great user interface, experience and feel along with top-tier accuracy is our top priority. Our team of expert software engineers, creative designers and lead strategists are always updated with each other’s progress of the project and are in communication as well; this makes sure that all of us are on the same page and have clarity about our every step in regards with development.


Intelligent technologies did a great job in regards with what I needed. They were on time and did a great job for my budget. I am happy with my website’s functioning, speed and overall aesthetics.

Zach B. Northfield, MN, US

Excellent service provided by Intelligent Technologies. I love my new website. Viplove and the team at Intelligent Technologies were professional, creative, patient and responsive too.

Lorna S. Birmingham, GB

It’s been a pleasure working with Intelligent Technologies. We wish you the best in your future aspirations and we are sure that you will excel. We were an excellent fit for each other.

Peter I. Jacksonville, FL, US

Intelligent Technologies has been very helpful to me in managing my project. I look forward to when they completely take over. They always respond in a timely manner and they always give their best.

A.K. I. Denver, CO, US

Intelligent Technologies are fast and efficient. When you hire them, you are getting a team of experts who know current SEO. The content they provided me is ongoing and is still giving me results .

Matt M. Glendale, CA, US

Very professional team! They have always gone further than expected with good communication skills and clarity about everything. Would recommend Intelligent Technologies to anyone.

Robbie F. Durham GB.